So, a week ago, I added FMJ Blank View as a new member to the FMJTools Family of Joomla Extensions.

If you have not seen it yet, let me quickly explain what it does.

We all know that, if we have a page that only has modules on it but no component generated output, we mostly set its menu type to "Featured Articles".

Depending on the configuration this might or might not produce significant overhead, as it runs through unnecessary code and database calls.

FMJ Blank View reduces that unnecessary code execution and database calls, to the absolute minimum, depending on your use case.

It has 5 predefined views, which are optimized to each use case. Depending on if you need to include custom Metadata of that menu item or not, the extension removes even more clutter.


Note: This Extension was inspired by the also fine existing "Blank Component" extension by Omar Muhammad, but optimized further, to provide the best performance possible using this method.