FMJ Blank View

Joomla Blank View Extension - FMJ Blank View - An efficient Blank View Component for modules-only pages. Gone with the wasteful "Featured Articles" menu item types. FMJ Blank Views come with five different blank views.

FMJ Blank View provides a blank view component for modules-only pages with several blank views for minimum to maximum optimization options.


  • Several views are available to the user. This means that, you can choose the best view that suits your needs, and still have the most efficient code running it.
  • In the Simple- and Totally Blank views, it is possible to embed HTML (via editor or file inclusion) or PHP (via Textarea eval or file inclusion).
  • Optimized and efficient code, in order to save CPU cycles and memory consumption. We avoid unnecessary code executions.
  • Faster response times, due to code efficiency.



  • Joomla 3.7 or newer (any prior Joomla 3.x version should work, but is not tested).
  • PHP 5.4 or newer (PHP 5.6 or even better 7.x is strongly recommended, as both PHP 5.4 and 5.5 have reached their end-of-life dates since 03.09.2015 and 12.07.2016 accordingly. PHP 5.6 and up, does provide more functionality and better performance). Caution! In one of the next versions of this extension, support for PHP 5.4 and 5.5 will be dropped!



  • GPLv2 or later






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